Seal Your Roof Tightly

Seal Your Roof Tightly

Maintain and repair your metal flashing in Portland, OR

You need dependable metal flashing to keep your roof intact. Alpha Sheet Metal, LLC can handle your flashing installation. Lets our experienced workers fortify your roof so you don't have to. 

We know how to work around the eaves and valleys of your roof. Improperly installed flashing can interfere with the effectiveness of your roof and gutters. We always make sure that your flashing is secure and installed correctly so you don’t have to worry.

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Make sure your roof is watertight with metal roof flashing

When we secure metal roof flashing, we aim for quality and integrity. We work hard to make sure your property stays safe and dry throughout the whole year. We can also do window-to-wall flashing to make sure that the gap around your window frames won’t let water in.

All flashing needs to be custom-made to fit the individual house. We’ll visit your property to take measurements and determine exactly how much flashing you need.

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