Metal Siding Stands Up to the Elements

Metal Siding Stands Up to the Elements

Upgrade your exterior today with metal siding in Portland, OR

Tired of dealing with siding that cracks, rots or is overrun by mold and insects? Get in touch with Alpha Sheet Metal, LLC to discuss metal siding installation. We’ll give you a price based on square footage and get to work. You’ll love your metal siding because it’s heavy duty and doesn’t come with all the issues that vinyl siding does.

Unlike other materials, metal won’t:

  • Melt in the heat
  • Warp and shift
  • Catch fire

Call now to set up a time for us to install metal siding in Portland, OR.

Make the switch to aluminum siding today

You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to aluminum siding. We can install vertical or horizontal panels depending on the look you’re going for. These aluminum composite panels are excellent insulators. You’ll stay warm all winter long with aluminum siding.

Vinyl can become brittle in cold weather and ultimately crack. With aluminum, you’ll never have to worry about that.

Contact us today to find out more about aluminum siding in Portland, OR.